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Meet One of the Partners of Cane Bay

If you know anything about the financial services industry, you have likely heard of Kirk Chewning and his many contributions to the industry. Kirk is one of the partners at Cane Bay and his career achievements show just how hard he has worked to improve the financial services industry with his knowledge and consistent dedication.

What Should Companies Know About Mr. Chewning?

If you talk with anyone who knows Kirk, they will tell you he has always been driven to reach success, even from an early age. After high school, Kirk attended Michigan State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance.

Due to the knowledge he gained from his education and work experience, Mr. Chewning has had the privilege of teaching life and corporate skills at schools located throughout the United States. Kirk agrees that knowledge is power and he strives to help young minds reach the true potential they have. Any time he can pass on knowledge to others, he takes great pleasure in doing so.

Understanding His Business Background

While Kirk is a current partner at Cane Bay, his career did not begin with this financial consulting company. The following offers information into some of the business positions he has held over the years, showing how they have given him the drive to further his career.

  • Vice President for a large global bank where he was put in charge of managing a major commercial loan portfolio
  • Vice President of business development for an application development company
  • Consult for a marketing and technology research firm

Before he became a partner at Cane Bay, Kirk was the owner, partner, and CFO for Strategic Link Consulting. He also has served as the Executive Vice President of TranDotCom Solutions LLC. It is not difficult to see, Mr. Chewning has a mind for business consulting and has been able to successfully use his knowledge and talents to help hundreds of business owners save millions of dollars each year.

If you are interested in learning more about Mr. Chewning or Cane Bay, you are urged to visit the website. You can also call the office and schedule an appointment.

A Simple Plan For Investigating Tips

Great Weight Loss Tips That Works At All Times

Weight loss is already one of the major factors that many people are looking into and many have tried about many ways and strategies to be able to bring back the ideal weight needed.

Sometimes it is actually on one’s discipline, motivation and determination that a success to weight loss is achieved no matter what form or strategies that are used, yet somehow there are some that are really proven to be known effective.

Eating eggs for breakfast or any protein-rich source is a very good replacement for grain-based breakfast as it suppresses your calorie intake making you lose weight and body fat and when you eat less refined carbs, your hunger and these eating cravings will be minimized.

Drinking black coffee and green tea will also aid in weight loss, as they were rich in antioxidants in the caffeine that it contains and at the same time it is good for boosting your metabolism, and you also have to cut down on your sugar intake to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases that are associated with the excessive consumption of it.

Drinking water before meals boosts metabolism and you get to eat fewer calories and can lose 44% more weight compared to not drinking the water, and when you eat fruits and vegetables you will also lose weight as that contains a lot of fiber and also have high water content.

When you use smaller plates in eating and exercise in eating less as well and do a count on your calorie portion plus chewing slowly in your manner in eating, that will also do the trick in controlling your calorie and making it effective in losing weight.

When you do aerobic exercise and lift weights you get to burn calories fast and this is also effective in toning your muscles as well as losing belly fat.

When you are hungry in between meals, it will be appropriate that you consume something healthy like whole fruits, nuts, baby carrots, yogurt and hard-boiled egg and not those that can spike gain weight, and at the same time eating something spicy will reduce your appetite preventing you from eating more than necessary.

It is also normal here to get a good sleep if you want to lose weight as that is essential in the process, because lack of sleep will increase your craving to eat more and beyond the normal.

There are still a lot more tips that you can get that are equally effective and that can be practically applied, so know what will best work for you.